Zoom presentation & discussion: Fossil Fuel Dependency and Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Fossil Fuel Dependency and Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: A Forum/Discussion

Svitlana Romanko

Ending our dependence on oil and gas is the best way to stop fueling thugs like Putin and the growing climate crisis,” says Svitlana Romanko, Ukrainian climate activist and attorney.

On Sunday, January 8, Ukraine Socialist Solidarity Campaign will host a presentation by Svitlana Romanko on this issue. She will discuss:

  • The connection between Putin’s war machine and fossil fuel exports.
  • The role of fossil fuels and clean energy for peace.
  • Russia’s role at the Cop27 conference and Putin’s position on the climate crisis in general.
  • Ukrainian reality and the call for a global energy transformation.
  • How support for the campaign around these issues can be increased.

Svitlana Romanko is a long time environmental activist and presently represents Razom We Stand (Together We Stand). Previously, she worked for She holds a ph.D in environmental, natural resources, land and agrarian law, and a doctorate on climate change law, climate governance and climate policy. she was escorted out of the Cop 27 climate conference after she protested the presence of representatives of Russia, after which she commented: “I am glad that I named evil by name and I was able to tell them what all Ukrainians would like to tell them if they were here. You are a terrorist state, you are genociding, torturing and killing us daily for nine months, your oil and gas are killing us. You are war criminals, you must not be here but in international court.”

Come to the Zoom forum/discussion of the Ukraine Socialist Solidarity Campaign

Sunday, January 8, 7:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time; 10:30 a.m. East Coast Time. Check time difference in your area.

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