Oaklandsocialist is dedicated to trying to understand the world in order to change it. We are a Marxist blog site. We believe that capitalism is destroying the planet and that only the working class can save it through building (or rebuilding) its own independent organizations. The articles on this site speak for themselves as far as the general views of oaklandsocialist.

Oaklandsocialist is edited by John Reimann, who is the author of all the articles here unless otherwise noted. John is a retired carpenter, the former recording secretary of Carpenters Local 713 and an expelled member of that union. He was expelled for his fighting for the membership, including in the great SF Bay Area carpenters wildcat strike of 1999. (See articles and video on this site for more on that strike.) John also works with the Workers International Network, which is just that – a network. (See related articles.)

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  1. I voted for John Reimann for mayor, it was hard to pull the lever for any of the other candidates for the ranked choice slots, given that they all more or less supported the Howard Terminal snafu. I didn’t know that Mr. Reimann was the primary writer of this site, I’m impressed. I really like his perspective on Ukraine.

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