Report From Myanmar: Deadly Covid Wave

Oaklandsocialist has received the following report from Myanmar about the deadly increase in Covid there:

“Everyday I saw loads of posts about asking for help Oxygen tanks (needed) everywhere in Myanmar…. One of my friends passed away because of that condition today. He was 22 years old. He was such a kind guy.

“Today the military leaders announce to stop importing masks, PPE and other related stuffs in the border of Thailand.

“Covid 19 Third wave has been worse rapidly worldwide. Every country has also been raising the rate of controlling this condition. But, in Myanmar, a country under military coup with arbitrary decisions by the dictators, we, the public, have suffered the worst. There were youths who could not get the medical check-up because they were not able to withdraw the money from the bank. Finally, they could not get anything except to die. GDB downsess in this country has been totally affecting the low-income families in buying masks, other protective materials, eating nutritious foods and even staying at home during the days that the global pandemic occurs. But the dictatorship could not perform in managing to give full protection to the public. Instead, they have blocked the imports of PPE. Every life matters and we should count in and act humanely, they are from different backgrounds tho. Many old and young died because of a lack of oxygen concentrators. Many families sleep without dinner and many go outside without masks. So we sincerely request to support our country.”

We are currently urgent condition of 

  • Insufficient PPE, face masks, face shields and other personal protective stuffs
  • Increasing numbers of Covid related deaths because of the lack of Oxygen concentrators
  • Covid 19 patients can’t go to the health care centers 
  • Insufficient numbers of healthcare workers and volunteers
  • Poor households cannot get help for their personal safety or even food

Oaklandsocialist urges socialists and the workers movement in general to take up this issue and demand that the US send vaccinations and PPE to Myanmar, including to the rebel-held areas where they can be properly distributed. We especially urge members of the nurses union and other health care unions to bring this up in their union and get the union to pass resolutions about this disaster. Contact oaklandsocialist ( for any suggestions or news on this issue. The same goes for the surrounding countries (and globally). As with global warming, this pandemic cannot be resolved in one country alone.

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