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Interview: Simón Rodríguez on the Situation in Venezuela, Maduro’s “Bicentennial” and the Role of DSA and the International Left

Here is an interview Oaklandsocialist did with Simón Rodríguez, a Venezuelan socialist. The first part of the interview covers the general situation in Venezuela. The second part, starting at 13:49 minutes, covers the Bicentennial, the DSA delegation and the role of the international left.

Simón mentioned several sources for further reading. One is Venezuela Analysis, which he classifies as being from a “Chavista” point of view. (Among other things, it is endorsed by the pro-Assad Max Blumenthal.)

He also recommended Venezuelan Voices, which he says is a more independent and critical point of view.

Oaklandsocialist agrees with both these descriptions.

Simón’s book, Why did Chavismo Fail? Is also available in English as a pdf here.

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  1. Very useful interview. DSA and other leftists that are going to Venezuela for “political opportunistic tourism” should have to answer the criticism and issues raised by Simon and working class activists in Venezuela. I don’t follow all that is going on in Venezuela so I am wondering what DSA and others consider to be so impressive about what the Maduro government is doing to “build socialism”. (As if DSA and others have any understanding of that to begin with since in practice they support the Democratic Party and generally reforming Capitalism to whatever degree possible.)

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