Rob Wallace Speaks to Workers International Network, Part One

Here is the first part of a two-part series of Rob Wallace speaking on capitalist development and Covid 2. This was recorded from a meeting hosted by the Workers International Network. For those wanting to read more on the subject, we suggest the Oaklandsocialist pamphlet Covid 19: The Capitalist Pandemic.

This video will also available as an Oaklandsocialist podcast. (If it’s not available immediately, check back later.)

We have also published articles Regenerative Farming, which is the alternative to factory farming.

Also, Rob mentioned ecomodernism, which is the view that there is a technological fix for every rape of nature. In reality, Anthony Fauci is the foremost representative of that view, as we explain in Trump, Fauci and ecomodernism.

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  1. Thank you Rob Wallace for this excellent historical and Marxist analysis of not only Covid 19 but also the many other viruses emerging frequently this century. You are right the focus of all governments (& the Australian government here) is on the emergency only rather than examining the structural issues that undergrid the issue. Here in Oz our State public health departments are running on empty + the Australia Government Analytical Labs were closed in SA so we have to send many samples interstate for testing now.

  2. we hope part 1 and 2 of video by Rob Wallace will have be transcript so that we can read very lightly..please post it to climate and capitalism ecosocialist discussion in facebook.

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