Pamphlet: Covid 19 – the capitalist pandemic


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Covid-19: The capitalist pandemic


As the capitalist class loses control over society, a new workers’ movement seems to be breaking out. Already, workers have conducted over 100 strikes and work place actions over unsafe working conditions. Many of these have been in noon-union work places. Where they are in union work places, workers have decided that they cannot wait any longer for the union leadership. While workers are fighting not to be sickened or even killed at work, though, they must start to consider how capitalism has created this health disaster. This pamphlet is produced to help explain this so that working class people can resolve the disaster that capitalism has created. We are the only force on the planet that can do so!

In this pamphlet:

  • New world era: Disaster stalking the planet
  • Capitalism clashes with laws of nature; laws of nature more powerful
  • Dinosaur & reform wings of capitalist class offer no solution
  • Socialists must recognize this new world era
  • Factory farming & NAFTA Flu
  • Wild habitat loss
  • Coming pandemics can be even worse
  • Nature cannot be “conquered”
  • Regenerative farming part of solution
  • Socialist program necessary for a new workers movement

An updated and expanded version of this pamphlet has been produced. It includes an article on workers’ strikes and walk-offs. Download it here: coronavirus, new world era capitalism 3 

Download older version here: coronavirus, new world era capitalism

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