Poem: More Mengele Medicine

More Mengele Medicine
from Boss Tweet and the1% 

As to diseases, make a habit of two things —
to help, or at least, to do no harm.”
    ― Hippocrates

It is very expensive to give bad medical care
to poor people in a rich country.”
Paul Farmer

In the grand scheme of things,
neighboring redwoods stay
Humble at 500 ft. high.
Stars are still in the sky where
I left them following my morning
meditation. The Moon’s almost
as reliable as the Sun
keeping its appointments for eons;
And Gravity’s great absent the hype…

And to think a February football
So important…
And months ago a city’s two great
basketball teams were the talk of the
towns. And it appeared world ended
in a helicopter crash.
Sales of a super-star’s sneakers shook
the earth—like rappers’ arrests—and
celebrities’ insanity. While the planet
seemed to revolve around
privileged’ people wrapped in smug shawls
of ‘whiteness,’ luxuriating in political comas…

Then ‘suddenly’ archaic capitalism erupted
into wild hair, red nose, big shoe blitzkrieg!
Freddo, STFU and let Tom talk-Mr. Clean—
Mad Mengele monkeyshine—WMD ‘briefings’
by Boss Tweet!
Time-killing tommyrot that
Killed co-workers, neighbors and loved ones.
Leaving bloodstains even bleach can’t breach…
Boss Tweet’s ‘briefings’ punctuate 1% Maria-
Katrina-Fend For Yourself—Home Remedies
for floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires—
Piled on pandemics of
Poverty, Hunger, Homelessness—War.
Death’s the best capitalism can offer…

Boss Tweet’s a smoke stack
spewing poisonous white clouds for
Corporate porkers pulling his slimy

He’s a foghorn farting Mien Kampf.
Murderous metaphors for
parched lips and throats; raw sewage
His concertina wire words
are copied in 20 point type; straight from
Capital’s Wish List and translated into
scabies, lice, COVID-19 and hunger’s growl.

Boss Tweet’s a smokescreen for
sinister surgeons slashing social
safety nets—
Amputating regulations;
He’s misdirection for 1%
pickpockets plying their trade;
He’s a stink bomb for
Bipartisan bandits backing up
Brinks trucks and loading in
Anything not nailed down by

© 2020. Raymond Nat Turner, The Town Crier. All Rights Reserved.

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