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“Waiting on Capitalist Hill”

From the ever creative and insightful Raymond Nat Turner:

Waiting on Capitalist Hill…

Universal suffrage is thus the gauge of the maturity of the working class. It cannot and

never will be anything more in the modern state; but that is enough.” —Friedrich Engels

Trumpeted Blue Wave Bar & Grill, at the foot of

Capitalist Hill

Hearty meals for labor’s dime, truncated time…

Heard ads, read rave reviews, received frenzied

phone calls from friends touting Single-Payer 

Pasta to die for; delicious Grilled Green New 

Deal and Gluten Free Education; otherworldly

Affordable Housing Hors d’oeuvres—and taste 

of the hereafter Impeachment Cobbler!


Could this be true—another case of deja vu— 

frowning Maître D; hearing throat-clearing?  

“Hmm…” our reservation… can’t be found?

Finally seated besides swinging doors—pots,

pans, plates, ‘talk’ show banter serenading us…

Until a mummified moll appears hands on hips,

hissing, “You order antipasti?

Fresh out, hon’—how ‘bout a heaping helping of 

Unca Jim?” Presto! A servile, overbearing Black 

server’s at our throats and 1% boots…

They mock our orders in shrill unison and high-five:

“Off the table! Off the table! Off the table! Off the table!”


We shout, “What do you fuckin’ serve?” They shoot back,

“You knew the menu—you knew what we do—Order up!

Pentagon Cooked Books on Endless War Endive; War-

Profiteer Pork Chops with Dictator du Jour Soup; Apartheid

State Steak,White Phosphorus Seared; Blackened Bailout on

Toasted Too Big To Fail Flatbread; Order up! Wall Street Stew,

some sweet nothings too? 1% Pineapple Upside Down Cake?

Flip-the-House Flan with Trickle Down Tea? Hey, take it or 

leave it, hon’… 

Or, talk to the bosses: Tony Missiles, Jake Greasy Thumb

Oil, Al Big Ag, Bugsy Big Pharma, Crazy Joe Protection…”

Reprinted with permission

© 2018. Raymond Nat Turner, The Town Crier. All Rights Reserved.

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