Murder in Greece


Two members of the Greek fascist group “Golden Dawn” have been shot dead on the street. There should be no mistake about who Golden Dawn is. We do not use the term “fascist” lightly, but it fits them. They have carried out assaults on immigrants in Greece. They are responsible for the murder of a popular, leftist rapper, Pavlos Fyssas, 34, whose stage name was Killah P. Golden Dawn is the bitter enemy of the workers movement in general. However, this sort of individual murder has to be viewed thoughtfully. Below, Roger Silverman, one of the founding members of the Workers International Network, comments:

This murder bears all the hallmarks of a cynical operation by a faction of the state machine. It looks suspiciously similar to the infamous assassination of the left MP Lambrakis in 1963, which created turmoil and instability culminating in the military coup of 1967.

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