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Interview: What is WIN?

“We have no such pretensions. We are simply making a modest contribution towards the development of ideas which we hope will help to clarify the next steps forward. We are a tendency in the sense of its original definition: a group of like-minded people with a common outlook who wish to identify themselves as such and argue for their point of view. WIN is not a revolutionary party, even in embryo; it is a network. And its documents are not intended as a blueprint, but as a basis for discussion.

“We hope to reach active committed workers engaged creatively in real struggles. Any hint of the old instant-answer I-told-you-so attitudes which were the negative side of the old left groups’ tradition will alienate them, and rightly so. There is understandably a scepticism on the part of even the most experienced and committed activists at any hint of the old exclusivist messianic postures. This is a healthy attitude on their part. Yes, we are keen to place at the disposal of the new generation of fighters for a new world whatever theoretical lessons we think might be learned from history. And yet today, from Athens to Cairo to Santiago to South Africa, millions have been marching, mobilising, striking and above all talking. We can be sure that the heated debates they have had will have at least as much to teach us as whatever abstract lessons we may have gleaned from our study of the textbooks. We need to learn from their experience and their ideas, and to find ways to engage in mutual discussion of the way forward for workers throughout the world.

Read full interview here: What is WIN?

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