We Overhear the NSA Again

NSA Overheard…. Again

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On Sunday, October 27, the conservative S.F. Chronicle political columnists Matier & Ross carried a report on how various Democratic politicians pressured the BART Board of Directors to accept the union offer and bring the strike to a close.

They explained how “state Assemblyman Robert Wieckowski and Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle… went thumping on BART board member Tom Blalock’s door one night,” the previous week to pressure him to accept what the Union negotiators were offering. “Other Democratic officeholders were just as busy in the shadows and on the phones, urging BART directors to take labor’s terms.” They explain that Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom were also very involved in pushing the settlement.

We are now able to “reveal” conversations Matier and Ross weren’t privy to. 

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