Update from Greece

Update 14.06.13

Demos continued all day outside ERT in Athens.

75 cadres of PASOK led by Skandalidis want Venizelos (party Leader) to drop out of the governing coalition. There are severe frictions in the other coalition partners of Dimar (Dem Left ex-Syriza).

Samaras offerred an olive branch today alleging he will rehire a smaller amount of journalists and re-open ERT by the end of next week.
In the meantime the head of the European Public Broadcast Union turned up in Athens criticising the govts actions.

ERT was transferred from the Ministry of Culture to the Ministry of Economics deiberately to be shut down and it appears it was a condition of the neo-fascist Eurogroups next bailout tranche of E3.3billion.

One cannot work out at this stage what is being played as the problem will emerge that the building will have to be vacated by the employees for it to reopen with less employees and that cannot occur unless the union leaders do a back door deal and call for them to empty it. The volume of people on the outside make a storming of the building by the riot police impossible as well. The corridors are long and there are many and there are at least 5 floors with two or more underground with expensive equipment, but knowing the gangsters that rule anything is possible.

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