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Alex Jones and the slanderers of the Syrian and Ukrainian People

Millions are celebrating that Alex Jones will have to pay millions of dollars to those he caused mental anguish and slandered.

The question is: How is Jones any different from those on the left who deny the suffering of the Syrian people? How is he different from those who claim that the White Helmets are fakes? How is he different from those on the left who claim that the US is willing to fight Russia “to the last Ukrainian”, as if the Unrainian people have no will and don’t exist? How is Jones really any different from those parrot Putin’s claims that Ukraine is overrun by Nazis – while these same lefts ignore Russian fascism?

Aren’t the Syrian and Ukrainian people being slandered?

Isn’t their existence effectively denied?

To the extent that they hear about these slanders, aren’t they being caused mental anguish?

No, we do not expect those slanderers on the left to be shelling out millions of dollars. They won’t be condemned in a court of law. Hopefully, though, they will be condemned by history just as were those who abandoned international working class solidarity during WW I.

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