CWA Local 7250 Resolution on Ukraine

Communication Workers of America (CWA) Local 7250 executive committee has passed an excellent resolution on the war in Ukraine. We urge other union activists to raise this or similar resolutions. It starts:

Solidarity with the Resistance of the Ukrainian People! Russian Troops Out Now! 

WHEREAS Ukraine has long been under the domination of Russian Czars, the Soviet Union, and now Putin….” and concludes:

BE IT RESOLVED that CWA 7250 calls on the Labor Movement and workers everywhere to give our full solidarity to the resistance of the Ukrainian people and demand Russian Troops Out Now!….

And finally, be it Resolved that since we are not hypocrites we must speak up and stand against all imperialism – including that of the United States – because all peoples deserve to be free and determine their own destiny. 

Resolution approved by CWA Local 7250 Executive Board April 13th 2022

Read and help distribute full resolution.CWA7250 Ukraine Resolution


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