Message to “left” denialists

To all those who denied the fact of Putin/Assad atrocities in Syria or ignored it; to all those who amplified the claim that the gas attacks there were a false flag; to all those who provide political cover for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine by constantly chanting “NATO, NATO, NATO”; to all those who can only see the (relatively few) fascists in Ukraine and ignore the far more powerful influence of fascism in Russia; to all those who hide behind the claim that this is simply an inter-imperialist war and therefore socialists should take no side at all: To the extent that you have any influence whatsoever, you must take responsibility for the atrocities carried out in Bucha and elsewhere. You must take responsibility for the people tortured to death, women raped, children dead of pneumonia because they couldn’t leave their cold, dank cellar.

Yes, I’m talking to you UNAC, American Peace Council, Black Agenda Report, Stop the War Coalition, Code Pink, and all the various “socialist” groups and individuals who accepted even part of this criminal line. Will you now ignore these atrocities in Bucha just as you have been the atrocities carried out in Mariupol, both of which were carried out by the fascist loving Putin? Or will you blame the US, thereby covering up for the fascist loving Putin once again? Or will you attempt to intellectualize it to death, showing the lack of the least little bit of human empathy? You don’t deserve the title of “left”, never mind “socialist”. It will be most interesting to see how you wiggle out of this.

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    • I assume you are referring to the US group of that name. There is a Venezuelan group of the same name but with totally different (and a lot better) politics. Yes, PSL and their first cousin, Workers World Party should be included.

    • I know of few of the left groups that go as far as Code Pink does. They actually support the Iran dictatorship, and then have the nerve to claim they are pro women’s rights and pro LGBTQ rights!

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