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Oxford, Michigan: Everytown USA

Oxford, Michigan, Everytown, USA, where 95% of the population is white and over half the households are married couples. Median family income is $72,875, a very comfortable income considering that a new three bedroom home can be had for $410,000. Forty-two percent of the county’s residents voted for Trump in the last election and 58% voted for Biden. Oh, yes, and one other thing: They recently voted against spending money on expanding their library by about a 2/3 margin. Just a nice, typical middle class mid-America white community.

And one where nearly anybody can buy a sem-automatic pistol capable of firing 15 rounds before being reloaded, as somebody did just a few days before his son took the pistol to school and shot at least eleven people, killing three.

And of course, Why not? Life is cheap in America and guns are an obsession for tens of millions. So why shouldn’t a 15 year old experiment with using it?

In the coming days, we will probably find out more about the shooter and his family, but whatever sickness that was lurking in that all-American household is simply a more extreme expression of the sickness that is spreading throughout the country.

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