Will January 6 Investigation Be Another Cover-Up?

This is an interesting video for several reasons:

First, it gives the clear impression that a few organized groups (Proud Boys and Oath Keepers mainly) had specific plans to invade the Capitol building with the hopes that the rest of the crowd would follow. Had that happened, had the entire crowd invaded, then the outcome of that would have been much more serious in every way.

Second, though, is the apparent focus of the video. It seeks to discover what actually happened on that day, including the lack of police protection. What it seems to leave out is the pre-planning of those who invaded. Most critically, it leaves out any hint of an investigation of what connections the rioters may have had with both the Trump administration and members of congress. For example, there is not a hint of a thought of looking into the reports that Congresswoman and QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene was seen giving a tour to possible invaders in the days immediately prior to January 6. Nor is there any mention of possible links – maybe through a third party – with some in the Trump administration.

We should see this in the context of the Nancy Pelosi’s plans for a select committee to “investigate” the event.

In other words, a cover-up along the lines of the Mueller Report. In that investigation, they looked mainly into criminal activities. The real issue, however, was Trump’s links with Putin. In other words, to what extent he was (and remains) actually an agent of a rival foreign power. In both cases – the Mueller Report and January 6 – a serious investigation would tend to reveal such explosive threats to the rule of the US capitalist class that it would weaken that rule. This is a continuation of the cover up of the fact that Trump was a money launderer for the Russian mafia for many years.

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