Zoom Meeting: Follow-up Discussion on Myanmar

Zoom Meeting Saturday, April 10, 9:00 a.m. Pacific Coast Time: 

What are the latest developments in the movement in Myanmar, what are some of the problems and complications, and how can we outside the region help?

Myanmar is part of an entire region that is seeing a rapid increase in the industrial working class and links are being made throughout the region. That, alone, makes the movement there of world significance. Also, the issue of an oppressed national minority is important, as it is throughout the world. We will have a member of the Burmese community here in California speak as well as Michael Sladnick, who has been following the events there very closely. He will be speaking on the significance of the Myanmar Spring Revolution and the importance of building international solidarity. We also hope to have a Burmese “Generation Z” speak. There is also a possibility that we will have a participant in the movement there in Myanmar/Burma featured in this meeting, although that is not certain yet. If that is confirmed, we will update this notification.

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  1. This is an incredible democratic insurrection supported by the Rohingya who hope to be able to return. Socialists in the refugee camps have had their shelters destroyed by a devastating fire: direction?
    I’m approaching friends in the US.

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