Zoom Meeting: The Derek Chauvin Trial; Remember George Floyd!

Zoom Meeting
The Derek Chauvin Trial: Remember George Floyd!

Hear a first hand report from Linda Mann in Minneapolis on the Derek Chauvin trial.

Linda will discuss last year’s uprising and the struggles that have grown out of that, including the defense of homeless encampments; the occupation of George Floyd Square; the police crackdown on the left; and the resistance to fascists both during the uprising and since then.

She will also discuss the political and legal background to George Floyd’s murder as well as the role of the liberal police state in the mainly Democratic-run northern cities.

Linda Mann has a law degree and is a retired letter carrier. She has a long record as a socialist activist.

Zoom meeting Saturday, April 3, 9:00 a.m. Pacific Coast Time

Contact Oaklandsocialist for Zoom details.

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