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Zoom meeting Saturday, March 6

What is happening with the British Labour Party?

When left wing Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership of Britain’s Labour Party, millions of workers and young people were enthused, and not only in that country. At the same time, though, the right wing started a campaign of expulsions based on the claim of “anti-Semitism”. Anybody who opposed the policies of Israel was at risk. Since Corbyn has been replaced as the LP leader, this expulsion campaign has increased with people being expelled for simply defending the rights of others. How far can this go? How is the left in the Labour Party organizing? What are the perspectives for the Labour Party? Hear: Tina Workman, Pam Bromley and John Dunn describe the situation and their views. A full discussion will follow.

  • Tina Werkman is a Marxist and has been involved in the German and British Left for over 25 years. She is currently co-chair (with Jackie Walker) of Labour Against the Witchhunt, secretary of Labour Left Alliance and member of the steering committees of Labour in Exile Network and Labour Campaign for Free Speech.
  • Pam Bromley was elected as a Corbyn supporting Labour councillor. She was suspended and ultimately expelled from the LP for alleged anti semitic remarks as a result of her support for Palestinian rights in Israel. She is seeking a judicial review in the High Court.
  • John Dunn is a 50 member of the Labour Partyan ex Derbyshire miners branch official. He was on strike for a whole year 1984/5 and former surcharged Clay Cross Councillor. He now campaigns for justice for miners wrongly convicted in the Great Strike.

Meeting starts at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Coast Time; 5:00 p.m. British time.
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