Oaklandsocialist interviews Leda Victoria, Candidate for House of Deputies in Mexico

Oaklandsocialist interviewed Leda Victoria, revolutionary socialist, feminist and member of MAS (Movement Towards Socialism) in Mexico. She discusses her candidacy as part of an Anticapitalist United Front that is preparing to run candidates in Mexico’s 2021 elections. In Part One of this interview, she describes the political situation in Mexico regarding Morena (the party of AMLO), the other capitalist parties, talks about the fight for workers democracy in her own union, and the situation of the Pandemic in Mexico.

In part two of this interview socialist candidate in Mexico Leda Victoria answers questions about the popularity of AMLO in many sectors, about government corruption and the alliances of the AMLO government. She addresses the complications of the widespread control of violent organized crime organizations (who’s power rivals the Mexican governments)  who have now added agricultural production to their interests.

Campesinos in several states have formed their own organizations of self defense to fight back. She also addresses the underlying cause of Covid19 and other Zoonotic diseases and how workers can organize to prevent another pandemic.

We hope in the future to be able to provide a more complete translation into English.





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