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May Day 2020 in Oakland

Here is a short video of May Day, 2020 in Oakland. We end this video with a call to support all those workers who are working under unsafe conditions, but especially the meatpacking workers. We think a new Civil Rights movement is needed to give support to those workers. Remember Mississippi Freedom Summer, when the young radicals in the Civil Rights movement organized thousands of supporters from the North to come to Mississippi to help build the movement? Now, a similar event is needed. Build car caravans to go to the meat packing plants across the country & encourage them to do what they feel is necessary to ensure safe conditions. If that means that they feel they have to walk off the job and shut the plants down, then so be it. That’s the way to push back against the far right bigots and science deniers who want everything opened right now, the same ones who value a hair cut or a hamburger over human life.

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