Greta Thunberg to UN delegates: “This is all wrong”

Thonburg speaking at UN

Here is Greta Thunberg speaking at UN. “This is all wrong,” she opened by saying.

It is more than worth listening to. Note how the very same delegates that she rips into applaud her condemnation of them. Clearly, the capitalist politicians want to seduce her into  becoming “realistic”, but I find it difficult to see how they will succeed. For one, this is not a matter of political or social analysis; it’s a matter of scientific fact, and she clearly knows the facts, and the facts are simply too stark. Nature will not allow room for some to benefit in this disaster. This means that a new and radical youth movement is coming. There will be many questions and differences along the way, but in the longer term it will be difficult to escape the fact that at its root, global climate disaster is not “human” caused; it’s capitalist caused, and the answer is a democratically planned economy and working class democracy.

For a socialist view of how to prevent global climate disaster, see Global warming “Grass” Farming and a planned economy.

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  1. When she said, “i walk the walk ” did that mean she walked to the UN, surely she didn’t use one of those evil airliners, as they require fossil fuel to arrive to their destination. Should have done a video chat, way smaller footprint. I believe in climate change, i could tell as early as the mid sixties. I believe if all fossil fuels were stopped, it wouldn’t much matter. The world has lost far to many trees, just to build cities alone, not to mention clearing land to feed the ever growing population. Trees are the world’s filters, more are lost each year than replanting. Fossil fuels for all their evil’s, did afford us with massive improvements for man kind, now it’s their turn to pay use back for using them

  2. Thank you for your comments. Please read the article below on regenerative farming. It provides some of the solution. Only “some” though as I do agree that massive crisis seems likely. But regenerative farming, which captures a lot of CO2 and deposits it in the soil, can have a tremendous effect… if it’s linked with a planned economy under workers democracy.

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