Appeal from Jeff Nunes, fighter for carpenters rank and file

Jeff Nunes speaking at carpenters’ protest against wage cutting contract

Oaklandsocialist reprints here the following appeal from Jeffrey Carlos Nunes. Brother Nunes was a leader of the New York City carpenters who opposed a wage cutting contract being forced down their throats by the District Council leadership.

Hello Brothers and Sisters. My name is Jeffrey Nunes. I’m a 3rd year apprentice in NYC, a passionate carpenter, and a militant advocate for workers. The New York City District Council of Carpenters is coordinating to expel me from our union because of my opposition to a contract that threatens the livelihoods of 20,000 carpenters. The new contract brings massive cuts ($16-$33/hr cut in wages and benefits), reduces pension contributions dramatically for 60% of all carpenters, and introduces a new SECOND TIER CARPENTER that does the SAME work as a Journeyperson for $33 less.

The working carpenter in NYC is NOT able to VOTE on contracts and we received NO prior NOTIFICATION that a contract deal had been reached. The contract was leaked to me, which I then started to distribute and inform members about one week before it was signed. I also called a rally in front of the union hall the same day it would be signed. They are targeting me for fighting back against the contract, despite the fact that the majority of carpenters are unhappy with it.

If you have a minute, please read and sign this petition to show them that the majority do not support charges being brought against me. This is a witch hunt against carpenters who choose to fight for the union, while the council and McCarron try to market us as ever cheaper commodities.

I also urge members to raise a motion at their local to send letters declaring their disapproval of these charges. If you want a draft motion then reach out to me in a private message and I will provide all details as well as an address for it to be sent to.

Every signature counts and is deeply appreciated.

In solidarity,
Jeffrey Nunes.

We urge everybody, especially union members and most especially union carpenters, to sign this petition.

(For those wanting to know more about this issue, see this article and/or this video.)

Update! Update! Update! A staff member of the NY District Council is apparently dissatisfied with what is happening. She/he has sent us the phone number of Joe Geiger, head of the council. They are urging people to call and or text Geiger with their thoughts on the entire matter. Geiger’s number is: 212-366-7400

Jeff Nunes speaking at carpenters’ protest against wage cutting contract

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  1. I would like a copy if a draft motion that could be supported by my boyfriend’s union. How do I get in touch with mr. Nunes?

    • Find him on Facebook, or send a note to oaklandsocialist and we’ll forward it on. Our suggestion would be something along these lines

      “Motion to send the following letter to Joe Geiger, Executive Secretary of the New York District Council of Carpenters and to Doug McCarron, President, United Brotherhood of Carpenters. Letter to be sent as an open letter, with a copy to Jeffrey Nunes:

      “____ union local (or council or whatever) protests against the charges brought by David Pie, “Inspector General” of the New York City Council of Carpenters against Brother Jeff Nunes. Jeff is charged with “causing dissensioin” for having organized a protest against a contract that cut wages and benefits by as much as $33/hour. We note that the members were not allowed to vote on that contract. It was not Brother Nunes who created dissension, it was Council executive secretary treasurer Joe Geiger, who gave away these members’ pay without even allowing the members to vote on the contract. Contracts like this are a threat to all carpenters as contractors across the country will be asking for similar cuts.”

      NOTE: Any local or other union body that passes such a letter or anything similar, we or Brother Nunes can provide his mailing address for him to receive a copy.

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