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  1. people are simultaneously bending over to lift the seat while pulling down the fly? I think not as the zipper is harder if not impossible to pull down when you are bending over. That is dialectical thinking. Yours is claptrap.Why not make a slot for the tab on either side so a left handed male can use that to lift? I bet we can sell billions and become rich capitalists

    • The writer, Stuart Smith, has an “undialectical” hostility with oaklandsocialist. Previously, he had attacked us for dealing with multiple subjects. Then he attacked us for allegedly having supported Maduro. Now this. We didn’t want to be too graphic, but the entire process involves more than simply unzipping the fly, if you get what I mean. But that would be “TMI”. And if Stu would have bothered looking on the internet, he would have found that there are toilet seats with that little tab on both sides. But, whatever…

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