Poem: Not a Great True Believer

Not a great true believer

Every government is run by liars.
Nothing they say should be believed.”
I.F. Stone

Caffie’s son—raised to resist,
taught to question… Erring
on the side of thinking for

question, I ask, I seek sources;
and meet more than four corners;
fumbling in the dark for answers—
A blind man drawing conclusions
from feeling the elephant’s ear—
While other blind ones touch its
trunk,its tusks,its tail,its sides
drawing dissimilar conclusions…

been around the block. And now, now
I’m too old; too Douglass; too Baldwin
to hang on every word of swollen-headed
white boys who speak as if they’ve found
The Fountain of Truth.

only know a lil Lenin: the
State is an organ of class rule…

© 2019. Raymond Nat Turner, The Town Crier. All Rights Reserved.

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