Letter from Germany: “Right Wing Extremist Movements Exploding”

Letter from a comrade in Germany. It shows the dangers of the racists and chauvinists all around the world and how in the case of Germany they have evidently infiltrated the German state apparatus. And to those who look to social democracy, consider the last note of this article about a former politician from the German Social Democratic Party!

Dear readers of the Oaklandsocialist,

Pegida, the right wing chauvinist and racist group in Germany marching in Dresden

In Germany right-wing extremist movements are literally exploding.

Last week, a far-right PEGIDA demonstration took place in Dresden (state of Saxony). When a camera crew of the public broadcaster ZDF wanted to film the event, an aggressive, fumbling man broke away from the crowd and began to offend the camera crew (“lying press!”) and to threaten them.

He yelled at them that it was forbidden to film him, and that they should stop immediately.

By the way, this is NOT true, the German law perceives participants of a demonstration as of public interest, they can be filmed.

Now the man called the police and they came on immediately – and arrested the camera crew to check and interrogate their documents.

This lasted 45 minutes (!!!), and when they were free again, the demonstration was over.

The TV station made the case public and complained, but the Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) immediately supported the police and said, without having investigated the case, that they acted as the only reliable, the camera crew had provoked the situation.

Now the case struck waves of outrage, and it turned out that the far-right man is an employee of the Saxon State Criminal Police Office.

The prime minister, who just justified a ban on cameras (against the ZDF), has now rediscovered the freedom of expression and declared on television that the membership of a police officer (who incidentally also works as a reviewer in court) must be allowed in a right-wing extremist movement in a democracy.

(Note: Today, August 30, it was announced that the man will change his job on Monday.)

Only a few days later, on 26 August, a terrible knife attack took place in Chemnitz (also Saxony), in which one German Cuban was killed and two other men were injured. As suspects, a Syrian and an Iraqi man were arrested.

Within a short time, this message spread, mostly in the form of fake news (“Muslims murder three German men!”), like wildfire in the social media.

Pegida hunting victims in chemnitz

Instigated by prominent AfD politicians, around 800 – 1000 and one day later more than 6,000 often violent right-wing extremists gathered in the center of Chemnitz and staged a hunt for people whom they considered to be migrants or leftists.

600 policemen were present and barely intervened, but watched inadvertently.

On the one hand, because they were far too few, and on the other – and not only protesters from the left political camp, but also bourgeois reporters and journalists – it comes more frequently and more bluntly to open sympathy with right-wing extremists from the ranks of the police.

You have to imagine that – where there are left-wing, or simply progressive, capitalism-critical protest events such as in Hamburg (G-20), Stuttgart (protests against the train station S21) or now in Hambacher Forst, a wonderful, ancient, protected forest, which is to be destroyed for a coal mine, so

Hambacher Forst… The police did not hesitate to protect the coal company that is planning on destroying this forest, while adding to global warming at the same time.

where in these protest thousands of police with brutal force, water cannons, truncheons and tear gas act against people who are just for justice, peace and conservation, there is practically nothing on the part of the police, when crowds marauding through the streets and even unabashedly into the camera show the (in Germany forbidden) Hitler salute.

And then it happened also that a short time later, the, of course, police-internal and secret arrest warrant against the suspected main culprit appeared in the Internet. The leak had to come from a police officer!

Since yesterday, investigations against the law enforcement officers and extreme right-wing politicians („Bürger in Wut“ / “citizens in anger”) Jan Timke, he is suspected of having illegally published the document.

In view of these facts, more and more leftists or even progressive people are really afraid of the police, but also of other public authorities.

Everyone still remembers the almost complete cover-up of the NSU affair in front of the public.

What if the neo-Nazis, the racists and right-wing extremists have managed to infiltrate the state unnoticed, if they have their people in all the authorities, right down to the executive floors?

And many are worried – would that be a far-right coup within the possible?

hilo Sarrazin and his new chauvinist book. He’s a member of the SPD! (So much for social democracy!)

P.S. Exactly at this point in time (exactly today) ex-politician Thilo Sarrazin has published his new anti-Islamist book “Hostile takeover: How Islam hinders progress and threatens society”. And it’s a shame that Germany’s leading right-wing populist is not a member of the nazi party, but of the social democrat party SPD.



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