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Left Coast Forum: Anti-imperialism, Socialist Solidarity vs racism

Over the last weekend, the “Left Coast forum” was held in Los Angeles. Oaklandsocialist spoke at a panel on imperialism and anti-imperialism: What is international socialist solidarity?” Here is the description of the topic.

It could not have been more timely, given that another panelist was Philip Giraldi, who was speaking on support for the Palestine struggle. A reputed anti-Semite, Giraldi is a right winger and a supporter of racism and the anti-immigrant phobia. He is co-editor of On that web site, for example, is an article which essentially supports the old apartheid regime in South Africa, as well as calling Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo “super heroes.” It is a disgrace that a left event like “Left Coast Forum” would allow somebody like Giraldi tp speak there. And it is the most clear example of how the left has been penetrated by individuals and the ideas of the far right, including racists and chauvinists like Giraldi.

Here is my speech:

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