Trump approval down: MAGA turned on its head

MAGA – “Make America Great Again” – is being turned on its head.

Trump’s slogan was not aimed purely at the claim that he would restore the “American Dream”. It was equally aimed at the claim that he would restore the dominant role of US imperialism all around the world. Now, while unemployment is sinking, so are Trump’s approval ratings.

A Quinnipiac Poll released July 24 shows Trump’s approval ratings down to 38% while his disapproval ratings were up to 58%. That compares to a 43 to 52% rating just a month earlier. In other words, his overall approval rating is down by 5% points in just one month. Not only that, but his core demographic group – white males without a college degree – are also declining in support for him, down to 49% approve while 47% disapprove.  Such a dismal approval rating is unprecedented for a president presiding when the economy is expanding as it is and it is a sharp decline since just last April.

The reason for this shift was Trump’s Helsinki meet up with Putin. By a 52-27% margin, voters say the meeting was a failure for the US. And, by an even bigger margin, 78-16%, voters say Trump should defend all NATO allies.

These figures show that the influence of the mainstream of  the US capitalist class may have been weakened, but it is far from dead. The idea that there is a “national interest” still lives. Trump came off as weak in his meet-up with Putin, and while working class male voters, especially white males, may forgive a lot of things in an elected official, they will not forgive perceived weakness.

Trump with Putin at Helsinki
He committed the unforgivable sin of appearing weak.

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