African team wins world cup!

French national team

The last African team still standing has won the football (soccer) World Cup. The only thing is, they played as the French team. But over half the starting players are of African descent. Wondering how the chauvinists and racists in France would take this contradiction, Oaklandsocialist sent an inquiry to a French comrade. Here’s what he reported:

Report from France
Real fascists supported Croatia because it was an all white and catholic team !!
French team was made of more than 75% black or metis !!

In the true spirit of internationalism, a member of Pussy Riot gives a high five to French star Mbappe.

Le Pen is playing the game of proud and glory but with condescension … In fact, I didn’t look in details because I am rather football-blind. 

The main sociological fact remains that France is represented by

FIFA blocked any video of the Pussy Riot interruption

young people from afro or arab ancestry.

But it’s terrific the wave of nationalism and patriotism generated by such a sportive event…
The contradiction is that you can have chauvinist people around a colored team ..Very amazing !

To prove their international spirit, they also celebrated with the Croatian team.

Freedom for Sentsov !

Glory to the Pussy Riots who made a break in the match to claim freedom for Sentsov and his comrades !
It is said than a russian cop told to one Pussy Riots under arrest that she had chance not to be caught like in 1937 … All a program !

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