The capitalists’ idiot president

Trump at G7 meeting in Canada

It really is a problem for any capitalist class when they have an idiot in chief for president. Here, for example, are excerpts from an article from the NY Times from June 12. The article reports on the idiot-in-chief’s presence at the G-7 meeting in Canada:

Mr. Trump never really wanted to attend the Group of 7 meeting, but aides pressed him to go even as they feared it would be a disaster because he was being forced to do something he did not want to do. He rebelled by showing up late and leaving early. [Translation: Trump knows he’s completely out of his depth in meeting with different national leaders who have spent a lifetime being schooled in capitalist diplomacy. He covered for this feeling of insecurity be showing disrespect.]

During closed-door meetings, Mr. Trump largely listened through most issues, firmly crossing his arms and swiveling a bit in his seat, according to people who were in the room. [Translation: Tump has the attention span of a mature four year-old. He’s famously incapable of listening to anybody but himself talk.] At points, he looked around trying to catch the eyes of others, as if looking for reassurance, the witnesses said. Some smiled back; others did not. [Translation: Like the insecure child who rebels to cover it up, he’s really looking for reassurance from the grown-ups in the room.]

He arrived 18 minutes late for a Saturday session on gender equality and did not bother putting his headphones on for translation when President Emmanuel Macron of France spoke. At some points, Mr. Trump closed his eyes in what people in the room took to mean he was dozing off. [Translation: Trump has matured amazingly! Here, he is a rebellious teen.]

But he came alive whenever trade was mentioned, mocking and insulting other leaders, particularly Mr. Trudeau, Mr. Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, according to the witnesses. [Translation: The teen ager felt he had to assert himself sometime.] Ms. Merkel was clearly not happy but largely kept quiet, evidently not wanting to provoke more conflict. Mr. Trump’s conversation was described by European officials as stream of consciousness, filled with superlatives but not following a linear argument.” [Translation: “Stream of consciousness” means he’s incapable of organizing any thoughts; “filled with superlatives” means with his limited vocabulary, all he can do is repeat strong sounding words; “not following a linear argument” means it made no sense whatsoever.

Off to Singapore
From Canada, Trump flew off to meet with Kim Jong Un of North Korea. He thought he was going to use his people skills to talk Kim into giving up nuclear weapons. How well that went can be seen by his prediction that Kim will do just that. This prediction was followed by the following comment (as reported in the NY Times) of Trump:

‘“I may be wrong. I mean, I may stand before you in six months and say, ‘Hey, I was wrong.’” He paused a moment, realizing how out of character that would be.

“I don’t know that I’ll ever admit that,” he added, “but I’ll find some kind of an excuse.”’

On a more serious side, we should be asking whether the romancing of North Korea is part of a plan to clear the decks in order to attack Iran.


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