West Virginia teachers defeat corporate politicians

There’s a lot to be learned from the West Virginia teachers’ strike. Is it the start of a new movement in the United States? Will it be followed by similar strikes in Kentucky and Oklahoma?

Some of the striking teachers undoubtedly voted for Trump. The vote for him is based on being sucked into the individualism, the idea of “getting ahead” at the expense of others. But a strike brings out the polar opposite – solidarity, “all for one and one for all”. Will that start to come to the fore now?

Then there’s another question: One of the things that gave these teachers confidence is the relatively low unemployment levels. It’s the same in Oklahoma. Meanwhile, it seems that prices will start to rise. Will this combination create a new wave of working class struggle?

So many questions and so few answers… for now.

Meanwhile, here’s a video we made of the struggle in West Virginia:

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