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A Nightmare

I had the worst nightmare I’ve ever had in my life last night: I dreamt I was walking down the street and the sidewalk was absolutely littered with dog poop. It was along the entire sidewalk not more than a few feet apart between every pile. It was nearly impossible to walk without stepping in it. I woke up with a feeling of absolute disgust. Revulsion. When I closed my eyes, I saw it again so I opened my eyes again.

Then, when I closed them, I saw this huge gray prison looming before me. (I was supposed to do a tour of San Quentin Prison later today.) I opened my eyes again with the same disturbed feelings.

Then I closed my eyes once more. This time I saw the crowd cheering Trump at last night’s rally in Phoenix. When I was watching them (in real life last night), I had this feeling of mass hysteria. Of psychotics who cannot distinguish fiction from reality. No, not that they can’t; they simply don’t care.

It was the most revulsive and awful dream I’ve ever had. This was a real sequence of events I had last night; not something made up.


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