Bernie Sanders Keeping Hope Alive

Bernie Sanders said all the right things on CNN last night. He talked about Medicare for all. He criticized Trump’s plans to sabotage the ACA…. and he praised his “colleague” John McCain. It was all the usual clap trap about McCain being a genuine American hero… for dropping bombs and napalm on Vietnamese peasants. The same stuff about McCain reaching out across the aisle… to collaborate in

Top: McCain and Palin at 2008 Republican convention. Bottom, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain and Bernie Sanders thick as thieves at Trump inauguration.

bamboozling millions of American workers. All the same garbage.

Conveniently forgotten is that it was McCain who foisted that trial run for Donald Trump – Sarah Palin – on the American public when he made Palin his running mate, thus making her a national figure.
It’s no accident that CNN is featuring Sanders nowadays. Corporate America has to keep those radicalized youth in the fold. It has to keep hope alive (as an earlier Bernie Sanders – Jesse Jackson – used to say), keep the faith in the US political set up, where they – Corporate America – maintain a political duopoly. Heaven forbid that all this scandal, all these attacks on the environment, on health care, on wages and working conditions should lead to a collapse of that duopoly and the rise of a working class alternative!
Anything but that, even giving air time to Bernie Sanders!

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