Thank you, Donald Trump

Thank you, Donald Trump. You brought tens of thousands of young people out into the streets on the night after elections to protest against you and what you stand for. We notice that you’ve toned it down already, though. Instead of talking about putting Hillary in jail, you’re giving her compliments. And we see that you’re surrounding yourself with the same Goldman Sachs banksters and speculators that all the other presidents have.

Meanwhile, here is what you’ve helped create.

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    • I assume “Resonate” means “top-down”. Does she or he have any idea what they are talking about, or what we are talking about, or are they just spouting some phrases that they learned in a book?

  1. This is like thanking George W. Bush for bringing out tens of millions of people into the streets by slaughtering Iraqis in an unnecessary and unjust war. Sickening.

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