Oakland Police Chief Suddenly Resigns: The Coverup Unravels

Out of nowhere, Oakland’s police chief Sean Whent resigned last week. Now the truth behind his resignation is starting to be revealed in this article in the East Bay Express. According to the article, an underage prostitute named “Celeste Guap” (not her real name) was being traded around by numerous Oakland cops for sex. It is absolutely disgusting how these cops traded this young woman around like a piece of meat. It really shows their attitude towards women, and towards all people that they have power over.

But we should also note that there is no way that Guap was the only one woman who was treated like this, and there is no way that practically the entire police force didn’t know what was going on, or at least have heard rumors about it.

Then there is the situation with former OPD cop Brendan O’Brien who recently committed suicide. O’Brien was one of the first to have exploited Guap. Several years ago, O’Brien’s wife “committed suicide” by shooting herself in the head, but there was something a little strange about the suicide:  The gun she used to shoot herself had fired two shots! Given that it’s pretty hard to miss one’s own head, this means she must have fired the second shot after she was dead. Unless…

Whent claims he didn’t investigate any further because O’Brien’s wife had gunpowder residue on her hand. There’s a very simple explanation for that: The cop shot her, then put the gun in her hand and fired another shot. That’s so obvious that even somebody like me, who has zero experience in such matters can figure it out. In other words, Whent and the entire force covered up for a murder. And where was the DA’s office? It is also coming out that other departments, including Richmond, had members who were exploiting Guap. In other words, the entire system is guilty.

A new article in the San Jose Mercury News reveals what should have been obvious all along: That this was not confined to the OPD. “Guap said she slept with five Richmond police officers, including a lieutenant and two sergeants, four Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies, one Livermore officer and a law enforcement worker based in Stockton.” This also included cops from San Francisco,

It doesn’t matter if she was under age at the time or not; this is like a prison guard having sex with a prisoner. The power that the cops have over women in this position means that her having sex with them can never be consensual.

Also, Guap is just the only one to come forward. If this was happening with her, there must be dozens of other young women who were in a similar situation.

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