Doing the same thing over and over…


Here is a conversation between a young Sanders supporters and an older one:

Youth excitedly: “What Bernie is doing is totally different! It’s never been done before.”

Older Sanders supporter: “Well, actually… Back in 1968 we had Gene McCarthy run for the Democratic nomination as an anti-war candidate. There was a lot of enthusiasm for him and a lot of young people cleaned themselves up; the guys shaved. The women put on skirts and blouses. “Neat and clean for Gene,” was the slogan.”

McCarthy for Pres

Youth: “So what happened?”

Older Sanders supporter: “He didn’t get the nomination. Then in 1972, George McGovern actually captured the Democratic nomination as the peace candidate. The Democratic Party leadership undercut him and even the union leadership wouldn’t support him. So instead, we got Tricky Dick Nixon as president.


“Then in the ’80s, Jesse Jackson ran for president twice. There was massive enthusiasm for him among lots of workers, especially black workers. Way more than for Sanders now.”

Bernie Sanders: "Why I'm supporting Jesse Jackson" in 1984

Bernie Sanders: “Why I’m supporting Jesse Jackson” in 1984

Youth: “So what happened with all those campaigns? Did they change the Democratic Party? Did any longer lasting movement come out of them?

Older Sanders supporter: “Not really. But I think we should just keep doing the same thing over again.

“Maybe we’ll get a different result this time.”

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  1. We should think afresh..change our ways..our opponenents constantly keep changing tactics we neex to package in modern commercial sense and offer to consumers..that is the language of the system. ..all this as alternatives to revolutionary ways ..

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