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In one of the recent debates, Sanders criticized Hillary Clinton for her association with the war criminal and mass murderer, Henry Kissinger. Rightfully so, because as they say, “judge a person by the company they keep.” But the same standard must be applied to Sanders.

With that in mind, we have to take a look at the individual that the N.Y. Times reports as being his foreign policy advisor: Jeffrey D. Sachs.

According to wikipedia, Sachs is a professor at Columbia University, Sachs is a long time advocate of neoliberal economics measures – privatization, ending food subsidies, etc. – and an advocate of “market economics” around the world. Sachs is associated with the Chicago School of Economics, which sent members to act as the economics team for the brutal Pinochet dictatorship in the early 1970s. In 1985, Sachs developed an economic plan for Bolivia, which was ultimately adopted. According to Wikipedia: “The plan… was adopted under a state of siege that included a curfew in the capital, patrolling tanks, riot police, and the mass kidnapping of two-hundred union leaders and senior union officials in Paz’s successful attempt to quell striking workers, with whom D.S. 21060 proved unpopular. A similar mass kidnapping of one-hundred union officials took place one year later when workers responded in protest to layoffs in the tin industry. While inflation did quickly stabilize in Bolivia, some attribute this to the massive shift of laid-off workers into the illegal coca industry, which by 1987 had become Bolivia’s top source of income.”

In 1989, Sachs was an advisor to the privatizer regime in Poland that took over there after the fall of “Communism” and caused so much economic misery.

Earth Institute

Sachs is the founder of the Earth Institute. Take a look at this map from Muckety.com.

Sachs' Earth Institute's connections. They include Bill Gates and George Soros.

Sachs’ Earth Institute’s connections. They include Bill Gates and George Soros.

Through the Earth Institute, he is associated with one of the leading education privatizers in the US – Bill Gates.

We could go on, but the lesson is clear: All the big business candidates are tied in together, with some being more extreme than others. This includes Bernie Sanders, with his indirect ties to neoliberal economic policies, privatization of education, etc. Sure, he might oppose such policies, but he hasn’t and won’t cut his ties to the advocates of them.

So Bernie Sanders has his own Henry Kissinger.

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