Madeleine Albright was right!

Madeleine Albright. Workers should reserve a "special place" for her... right alongside Hillary!

Madeleine Albright. Workers should reserve a “special place” for her… right alongside Hillary!

“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!” So spoke Madeleine Albright, as she called for women to support Hillary Clinton.

Actually, Albright is right, but it’s just a matter of which women.

Was she talking about supporting the close to 1 million Iraqi women who became widows as a result of the war that Hillary supported?

Or maybe she was referring to those single mothers like 24 year old Rosa Pena who says, “I’ll do what I have to do” to stay alive. This includes others who are forced to live with violent boyfriends. “One woman said she sold her child’s Social Security number … ‘I tried to sell blood, but they told me I was anemic,’ one mother said.” All as a result of being driven even deeper into poverty due to Bill Clinton’s “welfare reform” which Hillary supported.

You think?

No? Then maybe Albright was thinking of the mothers of the over 2 million children of incarcerated fathers and the mothers forced to raise them alone? Much of this resulted from Hillary’s hubby pushing through the omnibus crime bill, which she also supported.

Ahhh, yes… “A special place in hell.” Madeleine Albright: Meet Hillary Clinton. At least you’ll have company down there. Better yet, let’s give both of them (and all of their partners in crime) hell right up here in this world!

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