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Letter from Barbara Lee

A while back we had a confrontation with Barbara Lee about her support for funding for Israel’s military. Since then, we wrote to her criticizing her for her vote for additional funding. Here is her reply:


unnamedAugust 7, 2014

John Reimann
,Dear Mr. Reimann:

Thank you for contacting me to express your concern regarding the escalating crisis.. I appreciate your input on this matter.

Last week, I cast  a vote in support of Iron Dome, which is a defensive anti-rocket missile system that saves civilian lives.

I would not have supported funding for offensive military weapons in the midst of this horrific crisis. I continue to mourn the tragic loss of innocent lives in Gaza and Israel.

I have called and will continue to call for a sustained ceasefire to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis, end the blockade of Gaza and stop the loss of civilian lives.

All parties need to get back to negotiations that can lead us to a two state solution.

You may also be interested in an earlier statement on the topic: http://lee.house.gov/newsroom/press-releases/congresswoman-lee-expresses-concern-over-escalating-crisis-in-the-middle

As a longtime advocate for global peace and security and international cooperation, I will continue to work towards policies that reduce conflict, end war and address the root causes of violence.

Thank you again for contacting me. Please visit my website http://www.lee.house.gov where you can also sign up for my electronic newsletter, and receive periodic updates on my activities as your Representative in Washington.


Barbara Lee
Member of Congress


What disgusting hypocrisy. Even a blind person could see that any money Israel gets for “Iron Dome” will be used by them to add their money to offense. And anyway, if that is really Lee’s main concern, then why doesn’t she call for an equal amount to be donated to the people of Gaza for them to defend themselves from Israel?

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  1. The reason Lee’s vote is justified is that Hamas is the aggressor and uses its resources to target and kill civilians, while Israel uses its resources to defend its civilians. I fully expect you narrow minded socialists to remove this post….like you always do.

    • The State of Israel is engaged in one of the biggest ethnic cleansing projects of modern times. Not only are they slowly forcing the Palestinians off their land in the West Bank, in complete violation of all “international law”, but they are doing the same internally, for example with the Bedouins. On top of that are the daily petty humiliations, harassment, brutality, etc. meted out by Israeli soldiers against Palestinians. Then there are the fascist settler groups that are given nearly free hand. Oh, yes, what a wonderful democratic state! No wonder it was the main supplier of arms to the apartheid South African State and continues in a similar role today. It’s all part of one piece.

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