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$ Talks: US Congresswoman Barbara Lee & US Aid to Israel


Barbara Lee presents herself as a “renegade for peace and justice”, and claims to support the rights of the Palestinian people. Despite this, she writes on her own web site, “The Congresswoman is committed to maintaining the long-standing friendship between the U.S. and Israel.”  She made that clear when she voted for Obama’s request for an additional $200 million in US military aid to Israel several years ago. (This was one of the few times when US aid to Israel was voted on separately.) Nor has she ever called for an end to all US support for Israel.

On Saturday, July 26, Lee held a fundraiser in Alameda, CA and a group of pickets came out to protest her support for military aid for Israel. Since many of her constituents oppose Israel’s policies, Lee had to come out and present her case to the protesters. Here is a video of that. Note that, like a typical liberal, she totally avoided the main issue: US military aid to Israel.

Update:  Since this confrontation with Lee, she has voted for additional funding for the Israeli military in a special measure that all but four Congress members voted for. This shows the true, murderous nature of all these liberals.

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