Farewell to Madiba

Your Departure Ends The Era of National Liberation Politics!

On Sunday, 14th December 2013, Madiba will be laid to rest in his home village of Qunu in the Eastern Cape. The DLF stands with the people of South Africa and the world to mourn, celebrate his life and bid him a respectful farewell.

In the 1960s as the Rivonia trial came to a close, Madiba’s life could have been cut short. The prospect of being hung, together with his co-accused, for waging the armed struggle against the apartheid regime did not deter his commitment to political principle. He, together with his co-accused, used the moment to place the apartheid regime on trial and declared an uncompromising commitment to a democratic and non-racial South Africa.

Fortunately, Madiba and his co-accused were not given the death penalty but instead he spent 27 years of his life in prison as a militant in the cause of national liberation. This example of principled commitment and sacrifice for the emancipation of all South Africans shall never be forgotten. It places Madiba amongst the greatest of our leaders.

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