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  1. Excellent job, John, both on the multimedia video and at the hearing.
    I’m amazed that you were able to speak as long as you did at the hearing-must be because there were not too many people in attendance and they figured you would reach a limited audience. Since they know they’ve got “Big Green” on their side, it gives them the confidence that they can pretty much get away with their dog and pony show-for now. Glad that you exposed the facade.

  2. A point to consider is this: The oil and gas industry didn’t bother sending one single representative to testify. Why should they, when they had their representatives sitting up on the stage? In other words, the whole thing is, as I said there, a dog-and-pony show. These hearings were simply for show, only done because the law demands it. What environmental regulations are ultimately decided upon will be set behind closed doors, in discussion with the oil and gas industry. That’s why they let me and others speak. They don’t care because they’d already made up their minds.

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