Should Socialists Support Nuclear Power?

Unknown 12.15.37 PM 

The “captains of industry” – from the Koch brothers to Bill Gates to Warren Buffett – are daily proving themselves incapable of running the world. Rather than “running” it, they are ruining it. We see this in the fact that now 80% of the US population is in or near poverty and economic uncertainty. We see it in the continual wars that are devastating lives around the planet. Perhaps more than anything else, we see it in the devastation of the environment that their system – capitalism – is wreaking upon us.

This is why 49% of young adults view socialism favorably.

But socialism means that working class people will run society. If they – we – are to do so, then we must have a basic understanding of the issues that confront us so that we can solve them. Nowhere is this more so than in the issue of global warming, which is caused by the infamous “greenhouse effect” caused by carbon dioxide and methane in the upper atmosphere. But what are the alternatives to the fossil fuel-based technology?


Global Warming Scientists

Recently, James Hansen, considered the “father of global warming science” was joined by three other scientists (Drs. Ken Caldeira, Kerry Emanuel and Tom Wigley) in writing an open letter to environmental groups calling on them to support the development of nuclear power. Their reason was to reduce the burning of fossil fuel, which creates global climate disruption/global warming. Renewables like wind and solar and biomass will certainly play roles in a future energy economy, but those energy sources cannot scale up fast enough to deliver cheap and reliable power at the scale the global economy requires…. Regardless of these advantages, nuclear needs to be encouraged based on its societal benefits.” They have joined environmental journalist George Monbiot (author of “Heat”) in taking this position.

But are they right?  Read more: socialism & nuclear power

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