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“Vaxxed”, the Movie

Note: The administrator of this site has been attacked as being part of the “anti-vaccination” camp and of being influenced by quacks. He went to see “Vaxxed” on the recommendation of a medical specialist MD he was seeing. He is not “anti-vaccination”, but simply thinks that this film raises some serious questions.

Imagine taking your baby to the doctor and within 24 hours that baby becomes extremely sick and never fully recovers. He (and usually it is a “he”) loses contact with people around him or loses the ability to walk or run normally or loses the beginnings of speech or starts such repetitive motions as banging his head against his crib. Or all of this.

In other words, the baby has become autistic.

Imagine the disaster this means for everybody involved, first and foremost the baby.

This is what the move “Vaxxed” explores – the explosive issue of whether there is a link between vaccinations – especially the “MMR” (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine — and autism. Everybody knows that this has been decisively disproven, that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) conducted a massive study that disproved this and that the doctor who originally made that claim committed fraud. Everybody knows this and there’s no reason to look any further.

Right…. or is it?

This is what “Vaxxed” explores. Along the way, it documents case after case of parents who saw their infant child become very sick immediately after getting the MMR vaccine and then becoming autistic. As a doctor in the film points out, it used to be that doctors were told to listen to their patients, or in this case the parents; now they’re told to ignore them, to tell the parents that they’re wrong. Tell them, for instance, that the child was already autistic, as if a parent can’t tell a sudden and drastic change in her or his child’s behavior.

Aside from the heartbreaking scenes, the film reveals some important information, not the least of which is that the lead scientist on the team that did the CDC study became a whistleblower and that the US congress then refused to subpoena him to come in and testify.

  • It reveals that the original research papers were ordered to be destroyed. It reveals e mails talking about “problematic results”, and that the CDC changed the analysis plan once the statistics didn’t show what they wanted.
  • It reveals that the CDC covered up a significantly higher autism rate among african-american boys.
  • It reveals that the then-head of the CDC subsequently went on to head the vaccine program at Merck, at a nice fat salary, thank you very much.
  • It reveals that vaccines are not tested for safety the way drugs are (which is poor enough) because vaccinations are considered to be a public health measure.
  • It reveals that under the 1986 Childhood Immunity Act, a patient or the parent of a patient cannot sue in court for damages due to vaccination. Instead, they have to go to a special “vaccine court”, which has ruled out a link between vaccines and autism based on the fraudulent CDC study.
  • It reveals that after the original study finding a link between MMR vaccine and autism, and after parents wanted to give their children the vaccines one-by-one instead of all at once, a single measles vaccine was made unavailable.

Here is the maker of “Vaxxed” debating with some protesters outside a theater.

Deviation from analysis plan, destruction of data….

These are just a few of the points raised in the film. It’s impossible to really do it justice since I didn’t take notes during it. But one thing really jumped out:

I remember when the media played up a huge measles scare a year or so back. 664 cases of measles, I think it was. 664! In a country of over 320 million, that is not exactly a huge health crisis, yet the film shows the huge media brouhaha over it. Meanwhile, over 1 million new cases of autism were diagnosed in 2014 and the numbers are increasing exponentially. Occasionally, we’ll hear about that.

Health Care “Reform”

The film also has implications as far as health care reform. Many on the left, including many socialists, confine themselves to calling for “single payer” or “Medicare for all.” In other words, nationalized health insurance.

What this film drives home is that this is nowhere near adequate. What sort of health care are we talking about, after all? Will the sort of “care” we get be driven by private profit? Of course, “Medicare for all” would be a step forward, but what’s really needed is socialization of the entire medical industry, including the pharmaceuticals, under the control and management of the workers and patients. In that way, healthy human beings rather than healthy profits would be the driving motive.

Racism and Pollution

Oh, yes, one last thing. About the fact of a significantly higher rate of autism among african-american boys — The film doesn’t speculate on the reasons, but my suspicion is that autism is related to a whole series of assaults on the immune/nervous systems, from various toxins and also from multiple vaccines. And lead and other toxins do tend to be more present in black communities. That’s only my guess. Too bad the CDC won’t investigate that.

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