“It’s my right to be a racist”

Israeli racism

Shouting “I’m proud to be a racist! It’s my right to be a racist!” a young Israeli woman participates in a demonstration against African immigrants into Israel – people made desperate by hunger and war in their home countries. The fact that often times the State of Israel – along with their protector, the US government – has helped to create these conditions is irrelevant. All they know is that anything that is not Jewish is hateful.

That is clear in that the narrative in Israel apparently is that these immigrants are “infiltrators” to be locked up in concentration camps. What comes next is the locking up of those Israeli citizens who oppose this.

In another clip, an Israeli politician admits that “sometimes” there is a conflict between the goals of having a “Jewish” state and “democracy”, even if he means the limited capitalist democracy. In fact, any religious-based state is inherently racist; Zionism is racism. And that is why all supporters of Israel, including all prominent politicians in the US from Obama on down, support racism.

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