BART & AC Transit Workers Unite!

BART & AC Transit Workers Unite!

No Concessions; No Give-Backs

BART and AC Transit workers are on the front lines in the fight against pay cuts and the “race to the bottom.”

  • No Concessions; No Give-Backs! BART union negotiators have agreed to a contract with what amounts to a 1.5% pay cut (before inflation). It did no good. Now the strike is on. Don’t settle for anything less than an increase in real wages and no pay for benefits. That’s what all workers need!

BART workers went out on strike once already, only to have the strike called off without their vote.

  • No return to work until a contract is voted on! A tentative agreement is not a contract; only the membership can agree to a contract.

AC Transit workers workers have twice voted down concessionary contracts and had already called for a strike.

  • For a joint strike of AC Transit and BART! Nobody settles until everybody settles.

Longshore workers have refused to cross BART picket lines and port truckers are rallying too.

  • For a united labor struggle!

All workers need what BART workers have.

  • For a struggle for a liveable minimum wage or an immediate $5 per hour wage increase, whichever is greater, plus employer paid health and pension benefits for all!

  •  For an affordable public transit system accessible to all!
  • Amnesty for George Figueroa! George was the strike organizer for the previous strike. He was fired on bogus charges. No settlement until George is brought back with full back pay.521937_559619300738840_405877639_n

Organize! Organize! Organize!

Join the picket at AC Transit Bus Barn Monday morning 5:00 a.m. Seminary Ave. & San Leandro St., Oakland

Strike Support Rally, Monday, 8:00 a.m. West Oakland BART



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