“The Whole Damn System is Guilty”

Yesterday, an all white jury in Florida let off a white man who shot an unarmed black teenager. That is just the tip of the iceberg. According to this report, one black person is killed in an extrajudicial killing every 28 hours in the United States. And this does not include the mass incarceration of black people.

As a popular chant in protest movements goes, “the whole damn system is guilty.”

Meanwhile, 30,000 prisoners in California are engaged in a hunger strike to protest the use of solitary confinement, which is a form of psychological torture. To get a sense of what American capitalism is really all about, and what its “executive committee” – the Obama administration for the next few years – is willing to carry out, readers should watch this extremely painful video done by the US rapper Mos Def, who volunteered to be force fed as are the hunger striking prisoners in Guantanamo twice a day.

Categories: racism, repression

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