Marxist theory

Egypt: Revolution and Women’s Liberation

by John Reimann


 “I will not let them get in my way… I keep going… They are not able to intimidate us. Nothing will stop us.”

These Egyptian women were speaking1 for literally millions (!) of their sisters when they commented on how the sexual assaults had affected their determination to keep fighting for full political liberation in Egypt – a liberation that is completely impossible as long as it excludes half of humanity there. The female half….


Speaking from some 10,000 miles away, it would seem that the foremost potential alternative to the Egyptian/international capital-controlled Egyptian state  may be through these women’s defense committees.

From afar, it seems that these committees could be coordinated and that larger layers of the Egyptian revolutionaries could be brought in. Also, we have to ask whether they could directly approach some of the more militant independent unions as well as the workers in their work places. Also, it seems to us from afar that the workers in Mahallah have always played a key role in the Egyptian movement, and maybe it would be possible to make direct connections with them.

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