Middle East

“Not Your Booty” – Egyptian Women in Battle


“I am for them a prostitute, a whore… The doctor was asking me, you are a woman, why were you there?…. I don’t want these criminal acts happening to other human beings (Christian male). …. I will not let them get in my way… I keep going… They are not able to intimidate us. Nothing will stop us.”

These are a few comments from this video which documents the mass sexual harassment of women by both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian military and how that harassment and violence is but the leading edge of the violence directed against the Egyptian revolution as a whole.

One thing is clear: A real revolution in Egypt without taking up the issue of full and total equality for women is impossible. It is impossible without the full participation and leadership of women.

This video is well worth watching


Categories: Middle East, repression, sexism

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